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Hello and a warm welcome! 

I’m Kerstin Hern (she/her), a Los Angeles-based registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (AMFT #139178) supervised by Gaea Woods (LMFT #117978).


I earned my M.A. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual, Jungian & Depth Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles.
I also hold a B.A. in English Literature, spent many years working in the music industry (major label, artist management, touring), and have studied eclectic folk magick, Western astrology, and tarot since 1993.

I've guest lectured in the Clinical Psychology graduate program on ritual magick and its benefits + correlations with 3rd wave cognitive therapies. I have also conducted a research experiment in my grad school program measuring the anxiolytic effects and benefits of ritual magick/earth magick practices against CBT with compelling results in favor of ritual magick. 

I am very engaged in session, (com)passionate about and dedicated to creating a trustworthy, safe, non-judgmental, reliable space to connect with every part of you... 


I truly know how challenging, exhausting, and isolating life can be (among other experiences), as my own therapy has been life-changing. I am confident we can collaborate to bring relief, freedom, peace, and joy back to your mind, body, spirit, and relationships. 

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My scholastic + clinical trainings were:

• trauma-informed            • resilience-informed

• culturally-sensitive        • affirmative

• holistic                                  • integrative 


I am multiculturally-affirmative and versed, including those who practice non-Abrahamic spiritual practices, Paganism, magick practices, starseeds, lightworkers, and other energy workers. All religions + spiritual practices are respected and welcomed.

I have ample client experience using Depth, Jungian, and Psychodynamic therapies at my training site, Counseling West, and I’m grateful to have worked with a range of clients and myriad clinical, social, and psycho-spiritual issues during my training.

I have very specific experience working with grief and death (literal and metaphorical), big life transitions, finding soul purpose, managing anxiety and emotional dysregulation.


I’m committed to utilizing evidence-based interventions + neuroscientific evidence, but I’m also passionate about highlighting and integrating client strengths + gifts well outside of the medical model.

Kerstin Hern psychotherapy therapist los angeles


  • Creatives, HSP, Empaths, Intuitives, Neurodiverse

  • Attachment Wounds/Inner Child Work

  • Self-compassion + Self-worth

  • Spiritual Healing Psychology

  • Trauma/CPTSD + PTSD

  • Emotional regulation

  • Relationship Issues

  • Anxiety + stress

  • Coping Skills


• Integrative Somatic Parts Work, Level 2

• Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy




It’s in my nature to bring warmth, empathy, and creative energy into all sessions, curating a brave, safe space for you to open up, share your stories, and self-reflect in an environment of non-judgment and acceptance.


As an empath, I deeply attune to each client, whether individual or couple, working from a relational, curious, collaborative, and intuitive framework, upholding mind-body healing that fosters healthy inner + outer communication. I wholeheartedly believe the therapeutic relationship is a powerful healing experience that is the foundation of all successful and meaningful therapy…


Each client's treatment plan is unique, but the foundational modalities I use are centered around Psychodynamic, Depth, Jungian, somatic, Parts Work, and relational models that center YOU as the expert of your own life with the power to return to your true self. We often do "time travel" of sorts, bringing you safely back to explore experiences and relationships that shaped your identity + view of the world through thoughts, words, symbols & body sensations.

Jungian therapy, in a nutshell, is creatively and spiritually/energetically working with your Unconscious and The Shadow (a storehouse of personal diamonds in the rough) through symbols, dreams, and reverie to gain insights and activate growth. We also use information from the ego to see how your world is colored in relationally and socially. All of these inner journeys and collections of information catalyze your healing, transformation, and return to wholeness--as you are not and were never broken. This wholeness is not shunning "bad parts," but rather bringing them into the light, accepting them, uncovering/meeting their needs, and integrating them into your core Self. This creates connection and fulfillment.

I also teach + integrate mindfulness practices (non-judgmental presence), polyvagal therapy tools (your nervous system/s), somatics (your body sensations), interpersonal neurobiology (your brain), narrative therapy (your stories), and primarily Internal Family Systems Parts Work through the work we will do together.




Regardless of age, we are always working with young parts and your Inner Child... However with very young folks, I integrate games, play, music, film/tv/comics, tangible items (like sand tray), and art supplies and instruments into our sessions, as those languages often make it easier for them to open up and express their thoughts and feelings through symbols, metaphor, and relating to our modern myths of film, tv, comics, and novels. Our brains' prefrontal cortexes are not fully developed until well into our 20s, so engaging non-verbal languages unlock the door to your child or teen's experience so they may authentically express themselves in our work together.


Engaging play and creativity also activate the neuroplasticity of the brain, allowing for old neural pathways connected to maladaptive beliefs and subsequent thoughts, behaviors, and emotions to be "pruned" and  then new, beautifully adaptive and empowering neural pathways connected to strength, authenticity, and feeling understood can grow.  My Inner Child lis very active and loves play and symbol, so I often connect very swiftly and easily to younger souls!  I find the relational aspect of therapy for young people can be the real game changer... 


Just like adult clients, I also teach your kiddos + integrate mindfulness practices (non-judgmental presence), polyvagal therapy (your nervous system/s), somatics (your body sensations), interpersonal neurobiology (your brain), narrative therapy (your stories), and primarily Internal Family Systems Parts Work through the work we will do together.


When I work with couples or any intimate partners, I take a neutral yet warm stance that is sometimes more directive than in individual therapy. I want to hear all of your stories and perceived realities so I may metabolize all sides to effectively reflect back to you what you may not be seeing in or hearing from each other. It's like I am a mirror for you, and I will create intentional pauses to bring attention and intention to what is being said to help fine-tune effective communication. This is so you can get out of fight loops, stubborn narratives, and inflexibility to create room for intimacy + connection

I work from an attachment-based lens using frameworks from EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), narrative and somatic therapy to locate blockages around intimacy ("into me, see"). I also focus on what non-verbal language I notice when you are communicating to each other and offer space to explore what lies underneath those cues.


I really uphold rebuilding and reinforcing the pillars of trust, communication, and safety, and empowering each partner to participate in this building, which often trickles out to healing one's own personal wounds and inner world through the insights you co-create together.

Also, just to note: Some couples can come in for therapy to break up peacefully and integrate what was learned from the relationship! I think it's important to note this... Your relationship can transform, not just end.

I am a sex-positive,  ENM, poly, and kink-affirmative therapist, and I often attract clients who are non-traditionally spiritually inclined, so if desired, using esoteric spirituality or any spiritual tools to supplement your re-connection and revitalization (e.g. sex magick, intimacy rituals, etc.) can be very igniting and empowering.



Our sessions will always be collaborative, and we will co-create through exploration, reflection, gentle challenges, humor, creativity, archetypal + Shadow work to evoke the medicines of awareness and insight. Awareness is the key that unlocks insight around patterns + stuck emotional energy that, once integrated, help you reclaim your personal power, embodying your core Self.

I can teach you exercises and tools based on your goals. Other times, we'll just talk; you can share and I will listen. Often, I’ll engage with you through mirroring reflections and motivating questions, as well as empowering psychoeducation on anything from neuroscience to spiritual traditions that you are exploring. We will always work to acknowledge outdated narratives so you can continually rewrite new + preferable ones to shift your reality. We will also bring attention to somatic sensations to increase intimacy with your Self, your unmet needs, and then process or move emotions--which are physical--through your body so you can reconnect your mind-body fields.


I have over 30 years of experience and study of esoteric and occult wisdom traditions, so for clients for whom it is meaningful, we can also work with esoteric tools, such as creating rituals + ceremonies from earth magick, folk magick, and other practices to navigate various rites of passage. 


Other expansive tools that I've found many highly sensitive people, neurodivergent folks, and creatives love to use is the tarot and astrology. These are visual, mythic, and energetic languages that can help you engage the Collective Unconscious and living sky through archetypes and symbols, then locate blockages, alchemize pain + integrate meaning and insight through exercises such as active imagination or expressive arts.

The niche groups I work with tend to be entertainment professionals (actors, stand-up comedians, film/tv writers), visual artists, musicians/music industry folks, folks within the philosophical-spiritual community, mystery school practitioners, pagan witches, and energy workers (Reiki practitioners, channelers, mediums, other tarot readers).


Depending on your preference, I can teach you a range of supplemental exercises + tools in or between sessions, including (but not limited to):
• automatic writing (rewriting is rewiring!)                                        

• expressive arts (visual + music)

• creating rituals + ceremonies

• tarot + archetypal astrology

• using tone/sound healing

• guided chakra + somatic meditations

• exploring personality types


vagal toning
• MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)
• CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

• DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) 

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I am currently accepting new therapy clients:

• Individual Children + Teens

• Individual Adults

• Couples

• Families

I also offer consultation services by the hour for colleagues who wish to get educational + supportive resources for working with esoterically spiritual clients, spiritual psychology, and psychoeducation on weaving tarot and/or astrology into treatment plans.

              Please scroll below for more info.

Concerns + Areas of Focus

• anxiety

• depression

• anger

• grief

• CPTSD/PTSD/trauma

• Emotional regulation

• ADHD-related issues

• friendship conflict

• intimate relationships

• communication skills

• codependency

• needs + boundaries

• creative blocks

• dream work

• Shadow work

• Inner Child/reparenting work

• spiritual + existential concerns

• exploring purpose (soul and/or career)


Individual therapy sessions:
$195/session for 50 minutes*

Couples + Family therapy sessions: 

$215/session for 50 minutes* 


* I offer lower fee sliding scale spots; please email me for availability!

Typically, sessions are once per week, however, we can discuss your needs and adjust frequency if there is availability.

Colleague Consultation:

$100/hour and I offer sliding scale rates.


You have the option to do sessions remotely online (video or phone), in-person in the Los Feliz office, or hybrid (combo of both).

Please reach out to discuss booking in-person sessions.

Sliding Scale

If you cannot afford the full fee but would like to work together, I offer sliding scale appointments starting at $125+/session.

Please reach out to see if there is availability, as spots are limited.

I do not currently accept insurance, but I am happy to provide you a Super Bill for reimbursement.

Colleague sliding scale: I will never turn anyone away for seeking education and resourcing to support their clients. I can slide on the honor system to what you can afford.

Niche + Specialties

My niche clientele are creatives (actors, writers, musicians, fine artists), empaths, HSP, neurodivergent, intuitive, and/or esoterically spiritual individuals who have had a difficult time finding a psychotherapist who can "speak their languages." 


My niche specialties are: anxiety conditions, phobias, relationship issues (especially intimate partner and friendship break-ups), trauma processing, Inner Child reparenting work, and spiritual + existential concerns.


However, I am eager to work with any and all fellow travelers who feel drawn to my experience and style!


I also provide phone + zoom consultation services for multi-culturally-affirmative therapists who are interested in
learning more about and integrating esoteric practices into their therapy toolkits.
My fee is $150/hour but I offer sliding scale rates on the honor system.

Archetypal Astrology

The living sky is a mirror full of constellations + energy bodies that covet archetypal and celestial mythic wisdom. By exploring and aligning with these energies, your clients can use this language to explore, identify, and re/write their own personal myths, work with and attune to natural cycles and their meanings, and uncover facets of their personality, hidden gifts, and unlock inspiration.


The tarot is a deeply therapeutic esoteric tool that is used among magick practitioners, diviners, and many Jungian and Spiritual therapists to engage imagination, self-reflection, and contemplation to explore/connect to archetypes, symbols, numerology, and Collective themes. This exploration helps one better understand themself + their experiences to create meaning and self-empowerment. 

Eclectic Folk Magick

Learn how using resources from the earth, creating reciprocity with nature + her cycles, incorporating one's Will, visualization techniques, and somatic + mindfulness tools to create altars and ceremonies can catalyze meaningful change and growth for your clients. I can also consult on other magick practices for clients who are initiates of magickal orders & societies.



Please reach out via text, call, or email to set up a free 15-minute consultation to see if we're a good fit and/or to ask me any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Text or Call:



4622a Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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